February 1 - April 1, 2021

LMNO / La Conciergerie. Installations permantes. Lampe-ciel et Veilleuse-bougie rose

LMNO is pleased to invite you to discover two new permanent works for its space "La Conciergerie", two light sculptures entitled "Lampe-ciel et Veilleuse-bougie rose" by the artist Adrien Lucca.


The principle of a sky lamp is the idea that, at a certain time of day, one can draw a long narrow rectangle in the sky, capture the gradation of luminous shades it contains, and then make a lamp. which will project the light and the image of this sky into space and onto the walls. The sky lamp ordered specifically for this bedroom contains two gradations of light ranging from orange to sky blue and from pink-red to white-yellow. One is in the morning.


The other, which corresponds to the sky of a setting sun is produced by a light that does not contain blue light *, which prepares the body for a night's sleep.


* Blue light stimulates melanopsin ganglion cells located in the retina. Stimulating these cells prepares the brain for wakefulness. In the LMNO concierge room, one can avoid stimulating these cells in the evening, by lighting up with the evening sky before sleeping.