Since Sept.2016 Natacha Mottart, Christophe Veys and Olivier Legrain, have developed a programme focused on national and international artists from career circles whose works are witnesses to the concerns of a world in the making. Our programme seeks to promote a dialogue between different areas of knowledge such as science, history, literature and politics. It's also a gallery in which young artists find themselves experimenting with their aesthetic development in relation with the environmental questions and societal issues.











Marcos Avila Forero
Denicolai & Provoost
Angela Detanico/ Rafael Lain
Lise Duclaux

Nicolas Floc'h
Maria Friberg

Cristina Garrido
Pierre Gerard

Aïda Kazarian
Sébastien Lacomblez
Adrien Lucca
Yoann Van Parys
Pep Vidal